Stress Relief Meditation


Stress Relief Meditation

Meditation is often recommended as a way to relieve stress. It makes sense. And the best thing is, it works. But it's not really all that easy.

So while meditation can help you relax and while it will help combat the dangerous health effects of ongoing stress, for example high blood pressure, and excess cortisol, which can wreak endless havoc with your health, telling someone who is really stressed to "just relax" seems patently absurd.

Yet oddly enough, meditation does help, and there are ways to do it that can be mastered by even the most stressed-out person. What it takes, though, for most people, is a bit of help. I'll go over a few types of stress relief meditation that I have personally found helpful (and evidence (including medical studies) shows that I'm not alone.

Basically, you need to do something in order to do nothing. If you're stressed, to sit and think of nothing for half an hour just isn't going to cut it. Instead, try any one of the following:

Walking Meditation: Walk very slowly and deliberately, and focus on what you're doing. Swing your arms and chant (or say softly to yourself: Left, right, left, right).

Or you could do a meditation that involves some kind of a mantra: Either use an actual mantra and keep chanting it, pay attention to your breath, count backwards from 1000 -- in sevens. Or do something like praying the rosary or chanting Nam-myoho- orenge-Kyo.

You could also do a guided visualization if you like. This too works better for some people than others. But the cool thing about meditation is that you can do it in a way that works for you. It's not necessary that we all do it the same way.

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